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Getting Started

Congratulations! Learning about Windows 10 IoT Core and building a viable proof of concept (POC) or device is a huge accomplishment.

The next step for you is monetizing that device for commercial distribution purposes. You can quickly commercialize your POC or device by signing in below, reviewing and accepting the commercialization terms.

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Windows 10 IoT Core
You can deploy Windows 10 IoT Core in two ways: If being connected to the internet and automatically receiving the latest updates is part of your device scenario then you can sign up through the Windows 10 IoT Core Commercialization process, all you need is a Microsoft account (formally Windows Live ID). Windows 10 IoT Core is well suited for early adopter businesses looking to create and commercialize their innovative devices.
If you want control with fewer updates, the flexibility to stage and deploy updates when you want you can accomplish this by getting Windows 10 IoT Core and the Update Control File that allows you to control updates and build your device image with this file. You can download the Update Control File here and IoT Core operating system here. You must also sign up through the Windows 10 IoT Core Commercialization process below. All you need is a Microsoft account (formally Windows Live ID).
If you are already a licensed partner with Microsoft or indirectly through an authorized Microsoft distributor, you do not need to go through this commercialization process. Contact your Microsoft representative or distributor for more information. To get started, sign in below to review and accept the commercialization terms.
If you want to work with one of our distributors you can find one in your region below.
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Additional Resources

As a device partner, you will find extended value and benefit in becoming a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). Through MPN you will find a host of resources to assist you in differentiating your business, as well as your Sales & Marketing programs.
Find the instructions on how to enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network.
Partner Ecosystem
Team up with our partner ecosystem to build your Internet of Things (IoT) solution or device. Microsoft’s ecosystem of technology and solution partners that includes ISVs, system integrators, custom application developers, OEMs, distributors, solution providers, silicon vendors and more, all to support in the deployment of IoT devices, solutions and services.
Tap into our worldwide network of Microsoft partners.
Get started quickly with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.
Windows 10 IoT is designed to connect to the Azure IoT Suite a cloud-based offering with preconfigured solutions that address common Internet of Things scenarios, so you can capture and analyze untapped data to transform your business. Built on the flexible and innovative Microsoft Cloud Platform, the Azure IoT Suite integrates with your company’s existing processes, devices, and systems to enable you to make the best use of your existing and new data sources. With Windows 10 IoT and the Azure IoT Suite, you can quickly and confidently get started with a solution that is tailored to meet your business needs, then scale your IoT projects across your company.